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There is an increased infection risk and we wish to protect everyone visiting the church. It is extremely important therefore to read the instructions below and adhere to them. Please follow instructions given by the Church Wardens and their team.

Wear a mask correctly (covering mouth and nose) at all times and for it to be in place before entering the Church. If you have to queue in order to enter then you must already be wearing it.

Write your details in the register on arrival. Bring and use hand gel.

Maintain social distancing MINIMUM 2 METRES.

DO NOT GATHER at the Church door before or after the service.

Do not attend Church is you are feeling at all unwell, have a temperature, or a cough, or a headache, or a sore throat or have lost your sense of smell and/or taste.

Unfortunately, we are still not able to use the gallery and singing is still not permitted. We will, however, continue to provide organ and recorded music until the rules permit a change

If you would like to read a lesson during the service please let Frances know;  parishassistantmonaco@gmail.com


 Fr. David Roper writes…

In Sunday’s gospel reading, we meet Thomas, the ultimate sceptic, the ultimate doubter, the man who won’t accept anybody else’s evidence but wants to see and touch and experience for himself.  All he had to go on was the testimony of his friends, and however much he may have trusted them he needed to see for himself. And when he sees Jesus for himself he recognises his friend and makes the leap of faith which has become the hallmark of the Christian faith: “My Lord and my God.” This is the climax of the whole of St. John’s gospel: Jesus’ true identity is acknowledged, where once there was doubt.


Thomas is a model for us all. We need doubters. It’s right and natural and good to doubt and ask questions. But we must remember that our faith is not about a set of beliefs which can moved by evidence, but an encounter with a living human being, Jesus of Nazareth who is the Son of God, in whom we come face to face with God and so have access to eternal life. True faith is not, and never can be, dependent on physical proof; faith is a relationship, not a scientific fact, just as the love between a husband and wife or a parent and child could never be scientifically ‘proved’, but is nonetheless real to those who love and are loved.


It is only through taking an initial step of faith  that we  discover the life-giving reality of God’s love for us. And like a marriage, once we have made that initial step of faith, we need to go on working at it. We don’t always know where our relationship with God will lead, but we trust that God will always care for us and have our very best interest at heart.


So I pray that we will always have the courage to doubt, the courage to ask questions of God, that we may grow in our relationship with him and to trust as Thomas did, so that we too can make that statement of faith before Christ, saying, “My Lord and my God.”


Fr. David

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