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This Sunday’s service will be held at 11.30am

Please note that the 11.30 service on Sunday 23rd May is cancelled due to the Grand Prix

We are extremely grateful to Fr Tony Ingham for his help and support in enabling services to continue at St Paul’s.

Please note that Fr Tony is available for pastoral needs (although we understand that hospital visits are not permitted at the moment).
If required please contact Frances via parishassistantmonaco@gmail.com or the Church Wardens.

There is an increased infection risk and we wish to protect everyone visiting the church. It is extremely important therefore to read the instructions below and adhere to them. Please follow instructions given by the Church Wardens and their team.

Wear a mask correctly (covering mouth and nose) at all times and for it to be in place before entering the Church. If you have to queue in order to enter then you must already be wearing it.

Write your details in the register on arrival. Bring and use hand gel.

Maintain social distancing MINIMUM 2 METRES.

DO NOT GATHER at the Church door before or after the service.

Do not attend Church is you are feeling at all unwell, have a temperature, or a cough, or a headache, or a sore throat or have lost your sense of smell and/or taste.

Unfortunately, we are still not able to use the gallery and singing is still not permitted. We will, however, continue to provide organ and recorded music until the rules permit a change

If you would like to read a lesson during the service please let Frances know;  parishassistantmonacogmail.com


The day this newsletter is published you will be enjoying a holiday in Monaco and France – one long dropped here in UK – as it is Ascension Day. Today marks one of the important turning points in our faith and the Christian year, the moment when Christ’s earthly ministry ends and he returns to the company of his Father.

St Luke wrote both the Gospel which bears his name and the Acts of the Apostles, and it’s the Ascension of Jesus which links the two together. Jesus’ final words to his disciples in the gospel remind them of his pedigree and, in good teaching practice, telling them what he’s already told them – all that’s happened has been foretold by the prophets – and they are to be witnesses of these things.

He then begins part two (Acts) with the same event. After the introduction he paints the ascension scene again, with Jesus lifted up into the clouds and two angels in white appear and ask a similar question to that asked at the empty tomb –Why are you gazing into an empty tomb? He is not here, he is risen.

And this time he adds – why are you gazing up into an empty sky? Jesus may be gone from your sight but he will return in the form of the Holy Spirit. In other words, don’t stand their gawping, get on with the task he gave you and his constant presence will be with you through the powering of the Holy Spirit. Go tell the world!

It’s natural for us to cling on to that which we know, to want familiar people around us and not lose them, and the past year has brought so much uncertainty and pain to so many we feel this even more strongly. But Jesus’ ministry here on earth had come to an end, and by returning to the Father, Christ is set free from his earthly body to be available to all people for all time. So the disciples had to learn to live without his physical presence – but the good news was there was more to come and they were soon to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus of Nazareth could only inhabit one body and be in one place at any one time, but the ascended Christ lives for ever and dwells with God the Creator and the Holy Spirit, and we are invited to embark upon a journey of faith which is sometimes hard, sometimes mysterious, but always joyful and exciting and draws us ever nearer to our ultimate goal in the presence of God for all eternity.


Risen Christ, you have raised our human nature to the throne of heaven: help us to seek and serve you, that we may join you at the Father’s side, where you reign with the Spirit in glory, now and for ever. Amen.

Fr. David


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