12th July, 7pm – Fighting Facism in a Cassock!

A handful of religious people stood tall and met the challenge in World War II in order to fight the good fight and here is an opportunity to learn about these heroe from a renowned author and talented presenter, the Rev Fergus Butler-Gallie.
On Friday the 12th of July at 7.00 pm in the library at St Paul’s Anglican Church Monte Carlo, the Reverend Fergus Butler-Gallie will be giving a presentation of his published historical work, Priests de la Resistance, that recounts the story of some remarkable people who did indeed fight the good fight in what might be considered unconventional way for a Clergyman.
Among these are the underground agent of the French Resistance Fr Felix Kir who entered Dijon in his cassock and sat on a tank, Abbe Pierre the mountaineering monk and  the forger priest of Rome, Don Pietro Pappagallo and many more…
Fr Fergus has been described as, “Highly entertaining, witty, a skilled raconteur and a serious historian – a young man who embodies the notion of a traditional priest in the Church of England”
It is an event at St Paul’s not to be missed.
Refreshments will follow in St Paul’s House.  If you would like to attend please contact the Chaplain on hughbearn@gmail.com