Newsletter for Sunday 12th  September 2021



The much delayed AGM will be held in St Paul’s church on Sunday 12th September, following the 10.30am service (but starting not before 11.30am). Copies of the annual report are available in church. If you would like a copy and are unable to get to church, please email Mirella in the office ( who will be pleased to email a copy to you.


Readings for this Sunday       Isaiah 50.4-9, James 3.1-12, Mark 8.27-38

HYMNS;                   314 Immortal, invisible God;

                                 88 Brother sister let me serve you;

                                 752 Will you come and follow me

The music will be led by Ristretto and include the setting by Darke in F and Girdlestone

Dear Friends

On Wednesday, in the absence of a chaplain at Menton I was invited to take the service for the small English community in Bordighera which takes place once a month in the English cemetery chapel just above the town. It was a very enjoyable occasion followed by lunch in a nearby restaurant. It was strange celebrating Holy Communion surrounded by the graves of those long gone and yet also satisfying as a visible reminder of our mortality and the promise of the life to come.

But it was also satisfying because the event was ‘complete’. We shared in worship, in singing, reading and reflecting and receiving the Sacrament. But we also shared fellowship over a meal. Something which has for too long been missing in our churches, and I know that there are increasing questions about restarting social events here at St Paul’s, including refreshments after the service when we can mingle and share with one another. This is especially important for those who live alone as well as the opportunity for everyone to catch up with friends. We are essentially social beings and this sense of isolation has been damaging in so many ways.

But how to reintroduce in a way which is both sensible and within the rules here in Monaco? Asking for a ‘health pass’ could be divisive and yet would seem to be demanded (the government website has instructions only for restaurants & bars) and I am sure none of us would want to have to exclude anyone.

Perhaps a first step will be to have a ‘bring & share’ Harvest Lunch after the service on 3rd October? I know it’s been the way of doing it previously and I’m sure we can come up with a ‘covid secure’ way of doing it. However it will need some volunteers to organise it. So this is a serious request for volunteers, please. CAN YOU HELP?


Fr. David

The seating arrangements in St Paul’s have been adjusted to allow greater flexibility yet keeping one another safe. Please sit only where indicated and not directly behind people sitting in the pew in front. Please continue to be careful with Covid precautions with hand sanitizing, social distancing and wearing a mask. Once again we are asking you to leave your contact details.


Services each week;

Due to ‘known absences’ there will be no 8.30am service this Sunday

Sunday             10.30am Sung Eucharist with music led by Ristretto


If you would like Fr. David to visit or for a prayer request please contact him at (please note the new email address)

Landline 93 30 71 06

Mobile 06 78 63 16 29

or Mirella at or phone 06 78 63 85 54 during office hours

St Paul’s Prayer Group

‘AGAPE’ meets regularly (on zoom at the moment) for prayer and study and you are welcome to take part. Please contact Mirella Favory for details. Phone +33 6 52 32 65 21


For those who are sick, including; David Waters, Anne, Chris, David, Betty, Sandra, Meya, Ian, Sarah, Alexandra, Rhys, Zoe, Stan, Diana, Bob, Duncan, Anne, Isabella, Cyril, Joanne, Helen, Aliona

In the north aisle you will now find the prayer station includes a ‘prayer tree’. You are invited to write a name or situation (details not necessary) on a card for those you want to pray for and as well as lighting a candle to hang the card on the tree. Fr David will monitor the cards and remove those which have been present for some time.

Art Exhibition

Members  of the Russian Orthodox church which meets in St Paul’s will present an art exhibition 19-26th September


Continuing the series of musical events in St Paul’s, the next recital is 23rd September at 6.40pm Dimitri Goldobine will present “200 years of English music” on Harpsichord and Luth. He will play music by Byrd, Dowland, Gibbons, Purcell, Blow, Handel and more. Tickets available on the door