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Because wedding is very importante in the life of couples, we do incredible wedding, more popular, famous, and memorable.

We welcome the opportunity to celebrate a marriage in St. Paul’s. However Monaco law means you must have a civil ceremony first. If you would like to discuss possibilities please contact the Chaplain who will be pleased to help you.


We have a magnificent organ at the back of the church, with a sumptuous resonance, and of course space to welcome spectators enchanted by the music.

Music plays an important role in the life of St. Paul’s, but in enrichng our worship and recitals and other events.

Each Sunday at the 1030am service we enjoy singing hymns and psalms and the regular paricipation of the professional singers who form our choir ‘Ristretto’. Sign up for our newsletter to receive regular information.

Social Events

We do amazing events on different topics that concern us all.

Refreshments after the Sunday service have now recommenced. News of social events may be found in the newsletter


The baptism in Catholics is an important moment for the child because it is the first religious ceremony granted in his honor, that’s why we make them memorable, and extra ordinary.

Baptism (or ‘Christening’) is the church’s public statement of faith for an individual as we celebrate God’s love for each of us. Commonly this is administered to infants with adults acting as sponsors (godparents) making promises on behald of the child in the expectation that they will confirm their baptism by making their commitment at a later age when they come for Confirmation by the bishop.

However people of all ages who wish to profess their faith in Jesus Christ and be baptised are welcome.

Contact the chaplain for more details.