Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

Handel's Messiah at Saint Paul's Church

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Fr Walter & Donatela Campioni addressing the audience

Father Walter and Donatella Campioni, President of Monaco Aide et Présence, (MAP) spoke briefly before the beginning of the concert. Father Walter announced that thanks to ticket sales and some very generous donations, a total of €20,000 had been raised that will go directly for the benefit of MAP (over and above the cost of the performance itself.)

The concert begins

Nearly 90 people (musicians, soloists and choristers) worked together to present a remarkable performance of Handel's Messiah to the delight of the 180 attending this historic concert, the first Messiah at Saint Paul's Church.

The delighted audience

The audience, seen here at intermission, was very enthusiastic in its appreciation of the evening's performance. All agreed: musicians, choristers and soloists performed extremely well, and the acoustics of St Paul's Church were wonderfully suited for Handel's monumental Messiah.

Video: the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah, click on the image above.

Pauline Litvint on violin

Musicians and soloists came from far a near, some travelling all the way from London for the performance of Messiah at Saint Paul's Church. Notably, Pauline Litvin, a member of the chaplaincy community, was a member of the orchestra.

Soloists and Conductor Errol Girdlestone

Our own Liesel Jürgens (pictured left) displayed her usual enthusiasm and her magnificent voice for the soprano solos in this performance of Handel's Messiah, under the direction of Maestro Errol Girdlestone (pictured right).