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Founded in 1990,
the Mother and Baby group meets twice
each week and provides a safe
stimulating setting for toddlers
play and mothers to meet.



As Monaco has developed as a centre of international business,
the number of people with young families moving into the area has risen.
St Paul’s is now into its many years of special Monday and Thursday
morning get-togethers for parents (or carers) with infantsand pre-school age children,
run by Mrs Sandra Coleridge and with the support of community volunteers.

Although we lose quite a few of our little ones when they start school after the summer holidays, with so many new babies being born and more expected, numbers never seem
to drop! The number of regular attendees has in fact risen quite dramatically since 1989.
Over seventy people are on the register now, and each week we can rely on at least twenty five adults plus children turning up. It is always interesting to see how new people are quickly befriended by other group members. Regular attendants still remember only too well what it
felt like to be alone in Monaco, especially without the French language.

The group is a very good place to share information about Doctors, Dentists, Schools etc.,
and to ask all those questions you may feel awkward about mentioning elsewhere.
We have a super Christmas party in the first week of December. Father Christmas knows where to find us, and comes laden with sacks of presents for everybody.

The group is genuinely open to all in the community, and there is no pre-condition or pressure to attend church. But, if anyone does need spiritual advice or guidance, there are other mothers on hand, and the Chaplain pops down to see us from his apartment up stairs. If you know of any new mothers, of any race, nationality, colour or religion, who would like to come and join us on a Thursday morning, tell them we’re waiting to welcome them.

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