The Chaplaincy Association

Association de l’église anglicane de Saint Paul.

The Chaplaincy of Saint Paul’s Church, Diocese in Europe

Any regular member of a Sunday congregation at Saint Paul’s
may apply for membership of the two governing organisations:
the Association (Monegasque) and the Chaplaincy (Church of England).

Click here for Membership forms and return them,
as directed on the forms,
to the Chaplaincy Secretary,
Philippa Casey


The Chaplaincy Association and the Chaplaincy Council

The Association is the legal entity through which we exist under Monaco Law,
and is obligatory. It is permitted, indeed required, under Ecclesiastical Law
in section 25 of the statutes of the Diocese in Europe.

The Chaplaincy Council is required under Ecclesiastical Law, and is permitted
under Monaco Law, as it is an extension of section 10 of the Association statutes,
which give to the vicar control over all things spiritual, and he extends this to the Chaplaincy.

Under Association law, the members of the association appoint the Association Committee, who then choose their officers. Ecclesiastical law the members of the Chaplaincy choose individually the chaplaincy officers, excepting the President, who is automatically, per officio, the Chaplain (this is not permitted under Association Law).

The difference between the officers of the Association and the officers of the Chaplaincy Council may well be the President of the Association: two years ago your Committee considered that neither the Chaplain nor the Churchwardens should be President of the Association, as under their vows of canonical obedience to the Bishop they would have a most unfair conflict of interest in matters temporal or financial, and that is the only reason I am here as the President of the Association, as I am not a sworn officer of the Bishop.