April 30, 2018

Concert April 26 2018

This is the recording of the concert made on 26 April 2018,
please use good headphones to listen or play on stereo system

au Programme
Bienvenue & Welcome
President of St Paul's Anglican Church Association Council

Prayer song   -   Soon-Han
Fantaisie-Impromptu  -   L'Evéque Michael
A nightingale sang in Berkley Square  -   Roy Hyslop
The Four Seasons  "Winter" by Vivaldi  -  Bishop Michael & Frances on Flute
Chopin Nocturne No;20 -  Bishop Michael
Perhaps Love -  Soon & Roy
Prayer Song  -   Soon
Schubert Impromrtu  -   L'Evéque Michael
London Pride  -  Roy
Chopin Waltz No; 7  -  L'Evéque Michael
Bring hime Home   -    Soon
Annie's Song composer John Denver    -     Flute Frances
Mr Beamish -  Roy
Finale   Tout Ensemble
The Hippopotamus Song - MUD MUD

composers Flanders and Swann


                                                                                       Votre Remerciement
                                                                                                          Bishop Michael Marshall

                                                      Copyright St Paul's Anglican Church Monaco





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