This year’s edition of No Finish Line in Monaco will take place
over 8 days from 11th November at 2pm until 19th November 2017 from 4pm.
The course remains the same as last year, over in Fontvielle through the circus tent.  

The principle remains exactly the same as in previous years – 1 lap = €1 for charity,
so the more laps you do, the more raised for charity – you can see more about the event
and the charity here

The charity itself is a great cause bringing deprived children from the third world into Monaco for live saving heart operations, as well as building schools back where the kids came from. The money is used for travel and accommodation, as well as operating theatre costs. The surgeon donates his time for free. As an aside, the charity was extremely helpful with my daughter’s condition and helping to allow us to treat it effectively within the education system.

After last year’s outstanding 12th placed team with 5 age group victories, I am pleased to report that I have once again entered an Equipe Sponsorisee, Pussy Footing Around, and committed to cover the costs of our laps with the help of some very kind sponsors. In 2016 this amounted to 6000km (and more than €7500 donated to the charity). This year, with your hard work, we can aim for top 10 placed team overall.

If you want to join the team please just register and pay as normal on the track, and mention Pussy Footing Around as your team option.  For those want to pre register online, please don’t forget to give Pussy Footing Around as your team option. If you have pre registered you will still need to pick up your chip on track as before, but it should be set aside for you. You will need to pay a small deposit and charity donation (about Eur35) for the chip at the time. The track is open for 24hrs a day, and as long as you wear your chip on your foot every lap is recorded and Eur1 donated to the charity.

T shirts are currently being printed and look amazing. There are 120 shirts, and they obviously have a cost associated with them so all donations for the shirts gratefully received as then more money to charity! This year, again, we also have a tent/booth on the track decorated with sponsor banners,
I believe actually in the Circus tent itself similar to last year. This will provide a focus for the team, and also somewhere to leave sweaters etc (at your own risk) if you desire.

As usual, at 6.30pm on Friday 17th November until 6.30pm on Saturday 18th, we are resolved to be on track for 24 hours. A hard core group will no doubt do the entire 24hrs, but we would like to get as many team members and t shirts on track during the 24hrs. In previous years the atmosphere has been so good we had people joining our team switching allegiance from others. The focus for this will be our tent/booth were there may be cake and refreshments

We really hope to see you there.