Father Walter’s Retirement


The following dates have been set to mark Father Walter’s Retirement

Sunday 30 April 2017 10:30 Service
Father Walter’s
25th Anniversary Ordination

Sunday 25 June 2017
following the 10:30 Service
Father Walter’s farewell beach Party

Sunday 2nd July 2017
Father Walter’s last Sunday


Father Walter’s Announcement

Following a meeting of the Church Council on Tuesday 18th October 2016
Father Walter made the following announcement:

It is with very mixed emotions that I announce to you that I have decided to retire
from full-time ministry as the Anglican Chaplain in Monaco, effective in the summer of 2017.
In January 2017 I celebrated both my 68th birthday and the 9th anniversary of my arrival
in Monaco as the Chaplain at Saint Paul’s.

I am truly thankful for the time I have served as the Chaplain at Saint Paul’s,
and I am especially thankful for the many in our community
who I am honoured to consider my friends.
However, I must confess that I do look forward to retirement,
after more than 50 years of employment,
and I am excited about the next stage in my life and ministry as an Anglican priest.

During my annual holiday in Canada this past August,
I was able to purchase a retirement home (the grey house, photo below)
in a country township about an hour east of Quebec City
where many of my oldest friends have their homes.
Following discussions with the newly elected Bishop of Quebec this summer,
my former curate, I feel I can look forward to an active retirement, continuing in ministry,
on a part time basis, in the Diocese of Quebec and at the Cathedral in Quebec City.

The Church Council has initiate the process that will lead to the
recruitment and appointment of my successor.
The recent new Archdeacon of France, the Venerable Meurig Williams, who on
his visit Monaco last November met with the Church Council to set the timetable and
procedures involved in the appointment of the next Anglican Chaplain in Monaco.

Kindly be assured of my great affection for the people of Saint Paul’s and
of the support of my prayers for the future of our community.
It has truly been an honour to serve here and when the time comes to close
the door behind me and move back to Canada,
I am certain that this will prove to be a rather emotional and wrenching parting of the ways.
Thank you very much for the friendship and support you have
shown to me and my ministry among you over these many years.

Father Walter Raymond OGS,  Chaplain 

also see Chaplains report 2016 in AGM notes

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