In 2006, the General Synod of the Church of England voted to welcome children,
who have not yet been confirmed, to be admitted to Holy Communion.

This decision reflects common practice many Christian communities where
all of God’s children are welcomed to share in the Lord’s Supper.
In the Diocese in Europe,
children from the age of 7 can be admitted,
provided that they undergo suitable preparation
to ensure they have
some sense of the dignity of the Sacrament.

Children at Saint Paul’s, Monaco have been welcomed and admitted
Holy Communion since November 2008 

Early First Communion Classes commence in October

Children (7 years or older) who would like to receive Holy Communion at Saint Paul’s
are invited to join the Early Communion Class that will begin in October.
Meetings will take place on Saturday mornings at Saint Paul’s from 10 – 11 a.m.
Please contact Father Walter as soon as possible if you or a child is interested
in joining the new Early First Communion Class.

To contact Father Walter,
call him at the church (93 30 71 06) or send him an email at walter@monaco.mc


The First Early Communion Class held in October 2008

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