Confirmation Adults


Confirmation for Adults


The December 2016 Confirmation group at Saint Paul’s.
Bishop David Hamid presided at the liturgy and 9 young people from Monaco
stood before a very full church congregation to “confirm” the faith of their Baptism.



Adults and late teenagers
who have not been confirmed are also
welcome to prepare for Confirmation in December  2017.

The Chaplain will meet with the Confirmation candidates either individually
as a small group lead informal conversations about
Christian beliefs and Anglican traditions.
For more information:  email ,


Confirmation 2017 Timetable (to be confirmed)

The programme seeks to offer young people a chance to question and
explore their faith as Christians, leading to their decision to confirm the
vows made on their behalf when they were Baptised as small children.

  • Summer study: Work begins with a meeting at the end of June and summer reading,
    this is followed up with a session before the beginning of the school year in September.
  • Autumn Group sessions, approximately one per month.
    day and time to be determined, September, October, November
  • Voluntary work: a special project or 4-6 hours of volunteer work with a local charity.
    in particular to help as a volunteer with the annual Ecumenical Kermesse held begining December 2017
  • Confirmation Rehearsal: Saturday, date to be advised 
  • Confirmation Service, Bishop ( to be advised) presiding: Advent Sunday, December 2017 
  • Arrangements can also be made for personalised study programmes for young people
    not often in Monaco or for older teens and adult candidates.



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