A Gathering of Monaco Christians for Evensong   

For the second year in a row,
the ecumenical community of Monaco celebrated Evensong in the Lent
which took place at Saint Paul’s Church, on Sunday 12th March this year.
Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco and Chanoine Patrick Keppel,
Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Monaco participated in the service,
as did Pasteur Christian Babéry, from the Église protestante Unie de France,
who offered a sermon to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation,
began by Martin Luther in 1517.

The Saint Paul’s Church Choir, reinforced with lead singers for each of the four voices,
sang a beautiful service featuring the Magnificat by Sir Stanford Villiers
and solos from Drew Hopkins, tenor, and Liesel Jürgens, soprano.

Click here to see more of Simon Wynne’s photos
from the Evensong service and reception. 

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